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Tree Preservation and Land Restoration

The Care of Trees has been working with national developers and contractors for more than 40 years to help make trees a differentiating element of their design. Learn more about how we can help your site.

How do we make it easier?

We know your process and understand your challenges. As a regular member and attendee to such groups as the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), we understand the barriers and objectives trees can bring to a site. We make it easier for you to achieve your objectives by understanding the impact trees have on the landscape.

These are just some of the services we provide to help you achieve your site objectives:

Planning Site Visit and Assessment

The Care of Trees excels in initial feasibility studies. We can assist in assessing the existing vegetation and evaluate options for key tree preservation.


We can assist with the supervision of tree and brush removals for right-of-way, utility corridor and construction projects as needed to minimize damage to adjacent tree canopies, root systems and natural areas. When needed, debris may be removed from the site and accessible stumps more than 6 inches in diameter will be ground below ground level.

Soil Modification

Promoting plant vigor is the key to minimizing stress during construction activities and limiting insect and disease susceptibility. We recommend our SoilCareSM program to improve soil structure and encourage root development for significant trees that need to be preserved. Sub-surface soil injections benefit trees by reducing soil compaction, a problem noted for construction site trees. We take great care in adhering to manufacturers’ label instructions and applicable state and federal laws.

Pruning & Cabling

All pruning techniques performed by The Care of Trees conform to ANSI A-300 Part 1-2001 industry pruning standards. The majority of significant, preserved trees as marked on the tree preservation plan receive crown cleaning by pruning dead, diseased and broken limbs and stubs greater than 2 inches in diameter in order to reduce falling limb hazards, improve structure, create clearance and limit the advancement of decay. Installation of cables, if necessary, will follow specifications found in TCIA Standards.

Site Monitoring

The Care of Trees’ professionally trained arborists conduct periodic site visits to ensure compliance with tree preservation requirements. Prompt response to client requests can affect the survival of trees to be preserved.


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