Commercial Tree Services

Premium tree care tailored for commercial properties of all sizes

Did you know that preventative tree care can save you thousands of dollars in potential damage or expensive tree removal services?

At The Care of Trees (TCOT), we provide commercial tree services in Chicago, New York, Connecticut, Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C. All of our arborists are TCIA accredited and ISA certified and our commercial tree services are tailored to meet your property needs.

Commercial tree services we offer:

Commercial Tree Maintenance: We keep your trees healthy and beautiful with proper tree care maintenance. Your well-managed commercial trees will enhance your curb appeal and solidify your brand.

Commercial Tree Trimming: Trees that are properly pruned live longer, create a safer environment and enhance your property’s appearance.

Commercial Tree Fertilization with Arbor Green PRO®: To help preserve your commercial property investment, we’ll develop a plant health care plan for your trees that includes Davey’s patented Arbor Green PRO®, a slow-release fertilizer to replace lost nutrients. Arbor Green PRO® will improve tree and shrub resistance to disease, insect and drought stress damage too.

Shrub Pruning & Services: Our ISA certified arborists are highly skilled shrub pruners. They know how to keep your shrubs healthy and neat so you can be confident your property will always look its best.

Storm Preparation & Response: We provide holistic storm preparation and response services, including post-storm pruning, clean up, lightning protection and tree cable bracing.

24-7 Emergency Tree Service: Commercial clients rely on our 24-7 storm response services, from pre-storm tree assessments to post-storm cleanup.

At TCOT, your commercial trees are our business. Find your local TCOT office below to talk to schedule a free consultation today.

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