Tree Protection During Construction

Protect your trees from damage during construction projects

At TCOT, we’ve been working with national developers and contractors for over 40 years. We make it easy for you to achieve your building objectives while protecting the trees on your property. Additionally, we conduct feasibility studies, assess existing vegetation and look at key tree preservation options.

At TCOT, we provide the following tree preservation services:

Preservation planning: We develop plans to lessen the stress and increase the protection for your campus’s trees during construction.

Tree root protection: We protect your trees’ roots with aeration matting—a barrier that protections your trees’ entire root system.

Tree protection fencing: We install fencing and tree protection area signs around your trees.

Tree protection measures: We use supersonic air excavation to identify root structure, interfering wires or underground cables. And we make recommendations to alleviate damage to your trees’ roots during the construction process.

Tree protection zones: Our feasibility studies, land planning, site design and layout and preservation planning all work together to provide tree protection zones.

Read more about how we preserve your property’s precious trees during construction in our report, “How Can We Help Your Site?”

At TCOT, we specialize in tree protection during construction. Find your local TCOT office below to schedule a free consultation today!


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