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Tree and Shrub Pruning

As trees grow, they need direction. This may be in the form of pruning, thinning or removing deadwood. The Care of Trees’ professionally trained arborists have specialized training and equipment, as well as an “eye” for what needs to be done. Pruning enhances the appearance and value of landscaping, but its importance is more than cosmetic.

Proper pruning is important because it:

  • Removes weak, dead, storm damaged, diseased, or interfering branches
  • Can be used to train growth patterns of young trees
  • Minimizes the risk of storm damage
  • Provides clearance for streets, sidewalks, driveways, structures and overhead lines

Download our flyers on subordinate pruning and dormant pruning.

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Why Prune Your Trees?

Planting & Tree Replacement

When would you ever replace a tree? Maybe you’ve had a tree shading your house for as long as you can remember; virtually an old friend that is no longer healthy. Perhaps it was a stately specimen that has arched gracefully over your neighborhood for decades, offering a cathedral-like canopy of green, and now all it offers is dried branches. Trees enrich our lives in so many ways—replacing a tree today can enrich your life now and in the future.

Replacing a tree can have economic benefits as well. With the exception of your house, trees and shrubs are probably the most valuable assets on your property. A well-maintained landscape with mature trees can account for 15 percent or more of a home’s market value.

Download our flyer on planting and tree replacement.

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Tree and Stump Removal

Although we consider every option to preserve your trees, sometimes poor conditions, an inappropriate location, unacceptable risk or other criteria make removal the best management option. Some removal projects are more routine, while others require highly technical skills, including working around utility lines, complex rigging or the use of large cranes. The Care of Trees crews include professionally trained arborists with all the skills necessary to safely complete the most difficult and hazardous removals.

We are also equipped to grind out any size stump and assist with species selection and planting of a replacement tree where appropriate.

Download our flyer on tree and stump removals.

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Cabling and Bracing

Often, a tree with structural weaknesses can be pruned to correct or minimize the risk of breakage, uprooting or other failures. In other cases, usually in combination with pruning, artificial supports are appropriate to effectively mitigate a threat while preserving your tree.

Cabling and bracing techniques can be an effective means of extending the life of a tree that might otherwise require removal. Our professionally trained arborists are trained to identify such conditions and design and install support systems where appropriate.

Download our flyer on cabling and bracing.

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Lightning Protection

When a lightning strike injures one of our prized trees, the results can be devastating. After a valuable tree is hit, we often wonder what could have been done to prevent the injury. Installation of a lightning protection system in prominent, high value trees can help reduce the threat of lightning damage.

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Insect and Disease Management

The first line of defense against pests and diseases is plant health. The healthier a tree or shrub, the better able it is to naturally fend off insects and diseases. Our primary focus is preventive pest management through overall tree care.

Even with preventive maintenance, sometimes serious maladies can affect your trees. When this is the case, our arborists will evaluate the specific pest and overall tree condition, then recommend the most effective and environmentally sensitive management approach. State-of-the-art biological and low-toxicity materials, such as horticultural soaps and oils are among the low-impact tools we use to manage pests.

Download our flyers on specific insects:

Download our flyers on specific diseases:

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Return your trees to their roots. SoilCareSM is a holistic, sustainable approach to helping restore plant health and symmetry. This is important because healthy trees and shrubs are less susceptible to damage from diseases, insects and stressful weather. They also provide better blooming and luxurious foliage, all while adding value to your property.

Your local, professionally trained arborist from The Care of Trees can help you identify potential soil care issues, such as soil compaction, girdling roots, proper planting depth and nutrient deficiencies. Solutions such as mulching, root pruning and the use of specialized supersonic air tools are used to preserve the health of your trees and shrubs.

Download our flyers on an overview on our SoilCareSM program and on creating the right soil.

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Tree Protection During Construction

Are you thinking about adding a deck or a pool to your backyard but are concerned about losing that special tree or shrub? Construction on your property can cause damage to your existing trees, but proper planning to protect your trees can minimize damage and add years to your tree’s life.

Establishing a Tree Protection Zone with the following can help your trees thrive during and after construction:

  • fencing around valuable trees to keep equipment as far away as possible
  • proper pruning for required clearance and preventing or mitigating soil compaction
  • excavation or trenching

You’ll be glad you took preventative care as you relax on your new deck under the shade of your 150-year-old oak. The Care of Trees can make recommendations and provide the services that can protect your trees during your next construction project.

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We are often asked, “What is the best single thing I can do to help my trees and shrubs?” In many cases, the correct answer can be stated in one word – MULCH. Why? Because mulching restores a critical feature of the natural environment of trees.

Mulching is simply the addition of organic materials in the area beneath your trees and shrubs. Many suitable materials are available, including barks and composts, but one of the most cost-effective and convenient is the shredded brush and woodchips produced by The Care of Trees. Woodchips are readily available, inexpensive, long lasting and attractive.

Organic mulches provide many benefits, including retaining soil moisture, cooling summer soil temperatures and warming winter soils, improving soil structure and restoring nutrient levels.

Replacing turf beneath your trees and shrubs with mulch can also prevent “mower blight,” which is the damage to roots and tree trunks resulting from impacts from mowers and string trimmers.

Please contact your local office for availability of woodchips.

24-hour Emergency Service

Storms may cause limbs or entire trees to fall, often landing on homes, cars, other structures or other trees. The weight of storm-damaged trees is great, and they can be very dangerous to remove or prune. The Care of Trees offers a 24-hour emergency service to assist in performing the job safely, while minimizing further risk to your property.

Download our flyer on storm damage.

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Speakers for Garden Clubs or Group Meetings

At The Care of Trees, we offer our knowledgeable staff to speak on tree related issues for your club or other group meetings. Our subjects range from tree health to landscape-related subjects, such as butterfly gardening.

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Tree Preservation & Land Restoration (Commercial Properties)

The Care of Trees has been working with national developers and contractors for more than 40 years to help make trees a differentiating element of their design. Learn more about how we can help your site.

How do we make it easier?
We know your process and understand your challenges. As a regular member and attendee to such groups as the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), we understand the barriers and objectives trees can bring to a site. We make it easier for you to achieve your objectives by understanding the impact trees have on the landscape.

These are just some of the services we provide to help you achieve your site objectives:

Planning Site Visit and Assessment
The Care of Trees excels in initial feasibility studies. We can assist in assessing the existing vegetation and evaluate options for key tree preservation.

We can assist with the supervision of tree and brush removals for right-of-way, utility corridor and construction projects as needed to minimize damage to adjacent tree canopies, root systems and natural areas. When needed, debris may be removed from the site and accessible stumps more than 6 inches in diameter will be ground below ground level.

Soil Modification
Promoting plant vigor is the key to minimizing stress during construction activities and limiting insect and disease susceptibility. We recommend our SoilCareSM program to improve soil structure and encourage root development for significant trees that need to be preserved. Sub-surface soil injections benefit trees by reducing soil compaction, a problem noted for construction site trees. We take great care in adhering to manufacturers’ label instructions and applicable state and federal laws.

Pruning & Cabling
All pruning techniques performed by The Care of Trees conform to ANSI A-300 Part 1-2001 industry pruning standards. The majority of significant, preserved trees as marked on the tree preservation plan receive crown cleaning by pruning dead, diseased and broken limbs and stubs greater than 2 inches in diameter in order to reduce falling limb hazards, improve structure, create clearance and limit the advancement of decay. Installation of cables, if necessary, will follow specifications found in TCIA Standards.

Site Monitoring
The Care of Trees’ professionally trained arborists conduct periodic site visits to ensure compliance with tree preservation requirements. Prompt response to client requests can affect the survival of trees to be preserved.

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treeShield® - Your Storm Recovery Solution

treeShieldtreeShield is subject to availability. Contact your local office for availability and pricing.

Tree damage due to weather events can be sudden and costly. One heavy storm with strong winds can tear through your yard and cause significant damage to your trees. Trees can lose branches or even become completely uprooted. This damage can cause an immediate need to spend thousands of dollars of tree removal and cleanup.

Our goal is to help you keep your trees healthy and strong through professional care and maintenance. As a component of these services, we’ve created a warranty program that helps minimize costs and saves you money if your trees are damaged by storms. treeShield® is a comprehensive limited warranty service from The Care of Trees that covers not only the costs you would incur to clean up after a storm, but also many of the services needed to repair storm-damaged trees.

Benefits of treeShield®

  • Avoid or minimize expensive clean up and restoration costs following a storm.
  • Peace of mind and security knowing that your storm-damaged trees are getting the best care possible.
  • Annual inspections of the large trees on your property.

Download our treeShield® brochure.

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