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Our TCIA Accredited arborists have a passion for providing the best tree service in Crystal Lake, Illinois. We also service the surrounding areas of Grayslake, Antioch, Lake Geneva, Cary, North Barrington, and many other nearby locations.

I have always been very pleased with your service and follow up! Everything looks great! Nice to see some folks that know what they are doing and are professional doing it! Thanks!

Don & Carol F.

The Leader for Tree Services in Crystal Lake, Illinois

Let us help you protect your most valuable green assets. Proactive tree care and lawn maintenance is the foundation for a healthy property with great curb appeal, and our arborists are dedicated to meeting your needs and achieving your goals.

Popular Tree Services:

Whether you have a tree that needs removed, or a tree disease that needs diagnosed, our arborists have the tree care knowledge and expertise to solve your challenges. Popular tree services we provide in Crystal Lake, Illinois include:

Insect and Tree Disease Management

Proactive prevention of tree pests and diseases is our focus. When an infestation does happen, our arborists have the knowledge to quickly diagnose the problem and recommend the best, most environmentally friendly treatment options. Be aware of the symptoms of these common pests and diseases in Crystal Lake, Illinois:

  • Apple Scab- Brown spots on leaves, completely defoliated trees and fruit with brown spots and black margins are all signs of apple scab.
  • Diplodia Tip Blight- A fungal disease of pine trees that results in brown shoot tips. Typically, this disease is not deadly.

  • Zimmerman Pine Moth- These small caterpillars bore into the trunks of pine trees, and cause a white, tan or rust colored resin to flow from their tunnels.

If you are concerned one of your trees may be suffering from a disease or pest infestation, find your TCOT arborist for expert advice and a diagnosis.

Now Offering Organic Mulch Delivery and Installation in Crystal Lake!

We now offer premium organic mulch sourced locally and available for delivery and installation. Learn more about our residential and commercial mulch services!

The Davey Tree Advantage

Peace of mind is hard to come by. This is why Davey guarantees your 100% satisfaction with our DaveyCare℠ Client Promise.

Our company is bonded, insured and employs ISA Certified Arborists that are second to none in the industry.

Davey leads the industry in tree care science, supporting our field team with the most passionate scientists and advisors in the industry at The Davey Institute.

Find your local arborist below to discuss your tree care options


The Care of Trees 8733 Ridgefield Rd, Crystal Lake, IL 60012

Areas serviced

  • Crystal Lake
  • North Barrington
  • Woodstock
  • Huntley
  • Lake Geneva
  • Cary
  • Antioch
  • Grayslake
  • Fontana
  • Algonquin
  • Lake Barrington
  • Mchenry
  • Lake Villa
  • Lindenhurst
  • Village of Lakewood
  • Round Lake
  • East Troy
  • Lake in the Hills
  • Marengo

Additional Tree Services in Crystal Lake

  • Tree & Shrub Fertilization

    Trees and shrubs in an urban setting loose nutrients in a number of ways, but applying fertilizer is a way to restore vitality. Our slow-release fertilizer Arbor Green PRO® replaces nutrients and improves resistance to disease and stressful weather.

  • Tree Risk Assessment

    Schedule seasonal tree risk assessments to keep your trees and home safe. Certified arborists can identify safety hazards and potential weaknesses earlier. Catching problems early is far cheaper and safer than treating advanced problems later.

  • Lightning Protection

    If you have a beloved or historic tree, make sure it withstands severe storms. Have Davey install a lighting protection system to keep your trees safe from lightning damage.

  • Shrub Pruning

    Have a TCOT arborist prune your shrubs to keep them shapely while also allowing more light onto the shrub. The result? Healthy shrubs with denser foliage that look better than ever.

  • Deep Root Fertilization

    Get to the root of it! Deep-root tree fertilization delivers Davey’s Arbor Green® fertilizer right to the roots. This slow-release fertilizer strengthens your trees, so they can better withstand stressors. Your tree will be healthier, display a better leaf color and grow more.

  • Subsurface Watering

    Our subsurface watering program is designed to improve soil moisture around your trees and shrubs. An injection probe distributes water directly into the root zone, hydrating drought-stressed trees.

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The Care of Trees: Crystal Lake, Illinois Office 815.401.4926 8733 Ridgefield Rd, Crystal Lake, IL 60012 Our TCIA Accredited arborists have a passion for providing the best tree service in Crystal Lake, Illinois. We also service the surrounding areas of Grayslake, Antioch, Lake Geneva, Cary, North Barrington, and many other nearby locations.