The Whole Tree

Are you planning construction on your home where you would like to make sure your trees stay healthy? 

Trees are put under a tremendous amount of stress when construction is performed around or near by their roots. Our certified arborists are trained to assess the potential damage and techniques to preserve your trees that are necessary during construction. 

Contact your local arborist to request a consultation or for more information about preserving your trees.

Are your trees planted too close to your home? 

Trees provide a wealth of benefits, both aesthetic and functional, but when they grow too close to a home, sometimes the problems seem to outweigh the benefits.
When most people landscape, they don’t look at the long-term growth potential of their trees. Typically, homeowners want their yards or new landscapes to look lush right away. After five to 10 years, trees that once looked diminutive can become massive – dominating your garden, shading the windows, and filling your gutters with leaves. However, the future for you and your trees may not be totally grim.

The first thing a homeowner should do when they feel their trees are outgrowing their space is to have the tree evaluated by a certified arborist. Consulting with a certified arborist from The Care of Trees about what tree to plant and where to plant it can ensure the longest successful life for your trees while avoiding many potential problems.

If a tree is relatively small and delicate, such as a Japanese maple, it is unlikely that its proximity to a home will have much impact. However, if a redwood, oak, palm or other large tree is growing close to a home, the impact can be significant and the trees may pose some risk.

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