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Once trees become established don’t they basically take care of themselves?

While trees growing in the forest and other natural areas can basically take care of themselves, those growing in cities and suburbs need help staying healthy and beautiful. They contend with air pollution, road salt, confined roots, trunk damage, compacted or poor quality soils, improper pruning and other stresses. Your trees and shrubs may benefit from pruning, mulching, irrigating, soil management or other TLC to thrive.

Your trees and shrubs are valuable, adding both to the value of your property and the quality of your life. To live long and healthy lives, your trees need proper care.

Our landscaper says they do tree care. Can’t we just have them do it?

When you work with The Care of Trees, you benefit from professionally trained arborists we have to care for your trees. Our staff includes registered consulting arborists, certified arborists and certified tree workers, trained in the progressive technologies and techniques and to ensure safe work practices. We endeavor to follow the most progressive standards and guidelines for tree care work. We are also bonded and insured to protect you and our workers.

What is an arborist?

An arborist is a specialist in caring for trees, shrubs and other woody plants. Our arborists understand the management of trees and are professionally trained to evaluate and care for them in the effective manner. Arborists certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), of which many of The Care of Trees arborists are, have passed a comprehensive exam, have at least three years of experience, and participate in continuing education in arboricultural techniques.

Do you have emergency service?

Yes, we have 24-hour emergency service and can respond to storm damage to your trees and property in a timely fashion.

Is your work guaranteed?

If you are not satisfied with the care you received, we will work with you to fix any potential issues. Our clients trust us to provide professional tree service and landscape service to protect their most precious natural assets.

I’m just about to buy my house. How do I find out how healthy the trees are?

The importance of having a professional home inspector evaluate the condition of your future house before you sign on the dotted line is well known. However, a comprehensive evaluation to establish the condition of your trees is also vital to your investment decisions.

Just as a home might have defects invisible to the untrained eye, trees often have hidden defects that can make them hazardous or costly to maintain. If a tree is structurally unsound, you may need to remove it, which can cost as much as several thousand dollars. Determining potential problems up front can help you negotiate the purchase price of your home and budget for future maintenance needs.

Tree evaluations aren’t only about risks, but also about enhancing your real estate investment. Thriving trees can add as much as 15 percent to the value of your home. When you know their condition, you can better plan for their care. In addition to your own enjoyment of the many benefits of your trees, should you ever plan to relocate, thriving trees will add to your property’s curb appeal.

Contact us today for a personalized tree inspection.

I’m selling my house. How can I make my landscape appealing to the potential buyer?

Did you know that prospective home buyers decide if they are interested in a home within the first two minutes of seeing it? Trees and landscaping have everything to do with that first impression, adding immensely to a home’s curb appeal. They can add as much as 20 percent to a home’s value.

The Care of Trees can help you sell your home faster and obtain top dollar for it by ensuring your home landscape is as attractive as possible. Even relatively minor expenditures on landscape improvements can pay off. Pruning, mulching, edging and replacing damaged shrubs can make a big difference in the length of time on the market and the selling price.

Contact us today for a personalized tree inspection.

How do I find out if my town has tree ordinances for which trees can be pruned and when?

Many towns have instituted tree ordinances in an effort to protect trees by requiring progressive arboricultural practices and guidelines before allowing a tree to be removed. As a professional tree care company, we are well versed in industry standards and guidelines and support these regulatory efforts.

Please consult your local arborist at The Care of Trees or local city hall for more information on the tree protection ordinances in your area.

What’s so special about The Care of Trees?

Many of our clients have been with us for decades. They are testimony to the fact that in addition to providing the best tree care, we are committed to providing the best client care, too. From consulting on your trees’ needs, to scheduling the work, to arriving on time and cleaning up when the job is complete, The Care of Trees is serious about ensuring your complete satisfaction.

The Care of Trees offers a variety of plant health care services to maximize the vitality and beauty of your trees and shrubs.

How do I calculate the value of my trees?

While the benefits trees provide are priceless, you can use The Davey Tree Expert Company’s National Tree Benefit Calculator to learn how to assign a value to your most precious natural asset.

Why choose an accredited tree care company?

TCIA AccreditationAccredited tree care companies take expert care of your property by caring for your trees and shrubs. This adds value and beauty to your home. They also help protect you and your family from bodily injury or property damage from trees that have defects such as cracked limbs and trunks, decayed limbs and trunks and decayed or damaged root systems.

Accredited tree care companies employ staff trained in tree biology and the proper methods used to keep trees and shrubs healthy. They can identify diseases and pests that threaten the well-being of trees and shrubs as well as the defects that could cause harm. Sometimes these defects are hidden inside the trunk, root system, or high in the crown. It takes a trained expert to recognize all the possible hazards.

What is TCIA accreditation?

TCIA Accreditation is a consumer confidence program administered by the Tree Care Industry Association – America’s oldest and most respected tree care trade association. The TCIA Accreditation program is built on the threefold foundation of ethics, quality and consumer confidence.

Since 1938, the Tree Care Industry Association has been conducting educational programs and creating standards and best business practices to help tree care companies provide the highest levels of service to homeowners. The TCIA Accreditation program is a voluntary program that credentials companies which meet stringent criteria for professionalism, employee training, state and federal safety regulations, business ethics and customer satisfaction. Under the process, businesses undergo an extensive review and a comprehensive audit of professional and business practices aimed at safeguarding consumers.

TCIA Accreditation is the only business practices and compliance audit program for tree companies in America.

Can I find TCOT on popular social media sites?

Yes. In support of our mission, our experts collaborate to provide expert information about tree and landscape care, which you can find via The Davey Tree Expert Company’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Google+ sites.

How can I get in touch with an expert source to interview for a story?

We have many experts available for comment. As a Davey company, we ask all reporters to contact a representative from our Davey corporate communications staff to obtain a list of our experts and relevant topics. You can call 800-447-1667, ext. 8349, or email

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