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Mulch delivery and installation in Chicago from The Care of Trees

This is how mulch was meant to be: organic material, locally sourced, double-ground and properly aged to provide the following benefits your trees and plants need:

  • Decreased soil bulk density
  • Improved soil moisture retention
  • Increased root density
  • Increased mycorrhizal density
  • Decrease in soil pH
  • Increased soil organic matter content

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Organic Natural Mulch Available Locally

Organic, natural mulch is a natural weed suppressant that benefits trees, shrubs and other valuable landscape features. When mulch is over processed, by the addition of non-virgin wood products such as pallets or construction debris, those materials can interfere with its carbon to nitrogen ration, affecting nutrient availability, and reducing the benefits of mulching.

Historically,the mulch market has focused on this standardization and on processing mulch quickly to get it to market. Although this product has some benefits, that process isn’t optimal for plant health, for the soil, or the nearby landscape.

That’s why we’re pleased to offer an all-natural, locally sourced mulch in Chicagoland.

This natural mulch includes organic wood and leaf material, processed without herbicides or pesticides.

Double-Ground, Aged Mulch is Most Beneficial to Soil, Plants

Our natural, double-ground mulch is aged for 8 to 12 months in a properly ventilated area. While this contributes to its darker, more uniform color, it also improves the mulch’s biologic benefits.

Aging is important, too. When mulch is rushed from grinder to sales or storage areas, where it typically sits in a pile until it’s sold, pockets of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and other gases can build up which can reduce the mulch’s pH, potentially harming plants and soil quality.