Insect and Tree Disease Management

Tree disease and pest management solutions

TCOT arborists design proactive insect and disease prevention regimens that increase the health of our clients’ trees and landscapes, arming them to defend against disease and pest infestation. If we discover a pest or tree disease is already present on your property, our arborist will immediately make a correct diagnosis.

Your TCOT arborist will then develop a customized solution using state-of-the-art biological and low-toxicity materials, such as horticultural soaps and oils are among the low-impact tools we to manage pests and diseases in an environmentally-friendly yet effective approach.

Early detection is key for quickly resolving tree pest and disease issues

The Care of Trees wants our clients to always be on the lookout for signs of tree pest and disease infestation. To help, we have created a Tree Pest & Disease Center that will help clients identify the common pests and diseases in their area.

Explore the Tree Pest & Disease Center or find your local TCOT office below for more information or to schedule a free consultation today.



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