Tree and Shrub Mulching

We are often asked, “What is the best single thing I can do to help my trees and shrubs?” In many cases, the correct answer can be stated in one word – MULCH. Why? Because mulching restores a critical feature of the natural environment of trees.

Mulching is simply the addition of organic materials in the area beneath your trees and shrubs. Many suitable materials are available, including barks and composts, but one of the most cost-effective and convenient is the shredded brush and woodchips produced by The Care of Trees. Woodchips are readily available, inexpensive, long lasting and attractive.

Organic mulches provide many benefits, including retaining soil moisture, cooling summer soil temperatures and warming winter soils, improving soil structure and restoring nutrient levels.

Replacing turf beneath your trees and shrubs with mulch can also prevent “mower blight,” which is the damage to roots and tree trunks resulting from impacts from mowers and string trimmers.

Please contact your local office for availability of woodchips.


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