Tree Fertilization Service

Tree fertilization ensures your trees’ health and vitality

Trees in a wooded environment are healthier, stronger and more resistant to disease, drought stress and insects because they get the best nutrition from their soil.

Meanwhile, trees in a suburban setting don’t receive those same beneficial nutrients because we rake up our leaves, mow our lawns and install other landscape plants that compete for nutrients and space.

Do your landscaped trees exhibit any of these symptoms?

  • Dead or decaying branches
  • Lack of leaf development
  • Leaves drop early or change colors early in the season

If so, some type of tree fertilization program is probably needed in order to bring your trees back to full health by providing the nutrients they need to survive and thrive.

What you can expect from a TCOT tree fertilization program:

  • We’ll take a soil samples to test for nutrients and pH
  • We’ll design a tree and shrub fertilization plan
  • We use a slow release fertilizer from Davey Tree called Arbor Green Pro® that mimics the nutrients found on the forest floor.
  • If needed, we use deep root fertilization to relieve soil compaction

At TCOT, we specialize in providing the unique nutrient care that your trees and landscape need.

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