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Tree Pruning and Trimming Services

As trees grow, they need direction. This may be in the form of pruning, thinning or removing deadwood. The Care of Trees’ professionally trained arborists have specialized training and equipment, as well as an “eye” for what needs to be done. Pruning enhances the appearance and value of landscaping, but its importance is more than cosmetic.

Proper pruning is important because it:

  • Removes weak, dead, storm damaged, diseased, or interfering branches

  • Can be used to train growth patterns of young trees

  • Minimizes the risk of storm damage

  • Provides clearance for streets, sidewalks, driveways, structures and overhead lines

Download our flyers on subordinate pruning and dormant pruning. For more information on the importance of pruning your trees, watch our video on why you should prune your trees

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