Dormant Pruning

Save money and defend your trees with dormant pruning

When it comes to the health of your trees, the best time to consider pruning is late fall to early spring. Dormant pruning helps trees and shrubs endure damage from severe winter weather, paving the way for healthy growth in the spring.

Three reasons why you should talk to your arborist about dormant pruning:

Dormant pruning saves time and money. Our arborists spend less time on the job because limbs are lighter and easier to handle, and leafless tree structures are easier to see.

Trees are healthiest when pruned during the dormant season. Dormant pruning causes significantly less stress on trees and allows for a more robust bloom in the spring and summer.

The risk of disease and pest infestation reduces significantly. Fresh pruning cuts and bruises typically heal faster during dormant season and are also less likely to attract disease-­carrying insects.

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